New features streamed right to your device.

  • Watch progress

    A screenshot of the new watch progress indicators — not started, in progress, caught up, and finished.

    As part of our new filtering system, we wanted to tackle our most popular feature request with watch progress filters.

    You can now filter your watchlist and shows by how much progress you've made:

    • Not started is for shows you've added but haven't watched any episodes of

    • In progress is for shows you've started and are in the middle of watching

    • Caught up is for shows you've watched all available episodes of

    • Finished is for shows you're caught up on and that have ended

  • Filter, sort, and save

    A screenshot of the new filter menu which includes options like search, progress, collection, friends, and more.

    Our old filtering system was confusing for many members, so today we're introducing a brand new system!

    On any filterable page, tap the new Filter button in the top right to bring up all possible filter settings.

    There's also a new handy Sort button right next to it to quickly change the order of results.

    Some pages, like your watchlist, will save your filters for the next time you open the app! No more re-entering the same few filters every time.

  • Search from anywhere

    A screenshot of the Marathon app with a new top bar with search, notifications, and settings buttons.

    We've made it easier than ever to start a search in Marathon. Simply tap the Search button from anywhere and start typing.

    We redesigned search to be an immersive experience, and when you're done you're popped right back to where you started.

    The new results screen will show our most popular item at the top — you can quickly navigate to it with your return key!

    Otherwise, you can dive into a specific category (either shows, members, or lists) and page through all the results.

    New & improved


  • Data import is now in beta!

    A screenshot of the new connections screen, with an in-progress import from Trakt.

    One of our most requested features is now live: imports!

    Starting today, you can now perform a one-time import of your data from an existing Trakt account. We won't just pull shows, but also any reviews, lists, and users you follow.

    During this beta phase, we're only allowing one import per user, though this may change over time.

    We're excited to get this into your hands and see how you like it! If you have another app you'd like to see, let us know with a feature request.

    New & improved


  • Long press, everywhere!

    A screenshot of a the new Marathon context menu. To active the menu in-app, simply long press on an item.

    Quick actions allow you to, well, quickly take action on any item.

    We're now bringing this functionality across the entire app! Simply long press on a series, episode — you name it! — and you'll be presented with a rich menu with quick actions.

    New & improved


  • Show navigation

    A screenshot of a zoomed-in episode page, with a toolbar at the bottom with a left arrow, the text "S04 E03", and a right arrow.

    We're making it easier to dive into shows.

    Seasons now have their own pages in the app! It'll now be easier to tell when you're on a season page or a show.

    We also added a floating toolbar to the bottom every episode and season page, allowing you to quickly jump to the previous or next one.

    And we couldn't forget about the gestures. Simply swipe left or right on an episode and season page to navigate to the previous or next one.

    New & improved


  • Website refresh

    The new website header, reading "TV is better with friends".

    When people asked us what Marathon was, we realized we didn't have a place to direct people for answers.

    Today, we're re-introducing the Marathon homepage with a fresh coat of paint! From our new site, you can now:

    • quickly access download links
    • read up on frequently asked questions
    • or check out the latest changes to the app.

    And of course, the web app is always available at /feed.


  • Feature requests

    A screenshot of the new Feature Requests screen, with the top request for Custom show posters.

    Have a feature idea for Marathon? You can now post, like, and comment on feature requests in our apps!

    If you post or comment on a feature request, you'll also get realtime updates as we work on it.

    We'll be picking your favorites to add to the app! 💚

    New & improved


  • Revamped notifications

    A screenshot of the new notifications screen, including a new comment from a user on a list titled "Superheroes".

    Starting today, we released a new design for your notifications screen.

    • Each notification now has a colored icon to signal what type it is.

    • Read notifications no longer are dimmed. Rather, unread notifications have a green dot next to them.

    • You no longer need to manually mark notifications as read — they will do so automatically.

    New & improved


  • Explore screen

    Two screenshots of the new Explore screen, one of the featured lists and one of the new browse filters for streaming service and release date.

    Discovery is an important aspect of Marathon and we just made it easier!

    The new Explore screen enables new ways of finding and browsing shows:

    • You can now browse shows by streaming services (and favorite ones you subscribe to).

    • You can also browse shows by genre or release date.

    • Below trending shows is a new section of featured content — check back every month for new lists!

    New & improved