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Search Gets an Update

The search logo with a green glow.

For the OG users of Marathon 1.0, you may remember a time when search didn't happen in a pop-up screen. When we made the switch in 2.0, we thought it would help separate the search experience from the rest of the app.

However, we heard some user feedback that it may feel too separate, making the tabs at the bottom of the screen inaccessible. In this latest update, we've decided to re-merge search with the rest of the app. As always, feel free to leave us feedback in-app to let us know what you think!

Improvements & Fixes

  • List previews. List previews have gotten a makeover, with a new generated image unique and personalized to each list.

  • Faster images. Images are now much faster to load and reload, thanks to Expo Image.

  • Dismissable sheets. We've heard your feedback and now all sheets in the app (including filters, pausing series, sharing, etc.) are dismissable with a swipe down!

  • We've made a few visual improvements to the profile screen to highlight the follower and following links.

  • For some time now, it appeared that series on your Watched screen were at 0% progress (even if you finished them!) — that has now been fixed.