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Version 2 Drops

A visual changelog for Marathon version 2.0.0.

Say hello to our second major release of Marathon! We've rebuilt everything from the ground-up, from front to back, resulting in a faster and speedier app.

Rebuilt from the ground-up.

Marathon 2 has been rebuilt from the ground-up to be faster, speedier, and more stable. We also now support iOS 13 and above.

Refreshed design

We've taken to redesigning our series and episode pages, and adding a few finishing touches across the app.

Charts and graphs

Series and profile charts have gotten a makeover, and we've added a new line graph showing season and episode ratings over the course of a series.

Likes and comments

You can now leave likes and comments on both lists and reviews! (Don't worry, you can disable comments.)

Ratings and reviews

You can now rate and review seasons and episodes, and we've built a few new charts to go along with them. You can also now leave half-star ratings!

Notification center

We've added a new screen to manage all your notifications and mark them as read.

Improvements & Fixes

  • You can now add seasons and episodes to lists!

  • You can hide series from your Up Next view.

  • You can now report bugs and send feedback in-app.

  • You can now search across series, users, and lists at the same time.

  • We forgot the little icon on the Sign in with Apple button, whoops!

  • Your feeds should now load a bit faster!

  • We confused hours and days on your profile — the time watched stat should now be correct!

  • We were taking up a lot of memory loading in images. We've made a few tweaks to prevent crashes.

  • We decided to hide the line chart under certain cases that made it unnecessary.

  • Likes and comments on lists now appear directly in your feed!

  • Season reviews were always displaying as S01. They should now accurately show the correct season number

  • Notifications were floating in the middle of your screen. Well, no more! They should now stay at the bottom.

  • We fixed an issue where you had to tap twice to enter into a search result or close the search page.


We've temporarily removed the following features while we do some more thinking on how they fit into the scope of Marathon v2!

  • Widgets are no longer available.

  • You can no longer sort or filter a list.