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Feedback Week 2

A comment by Kendall Roy (username @LToTheOG) that says: "@shiv @roman I am the eldest boy!"

After a successful first Feedback Week, we're back with round 2! This time around, we posted a Twitter poll asking what you wanted to see the most.


Since our launch nearly a year ago, Marathon has only allowed you to set a display name. This is great for customization (did you know you can add emojis?) but doesn't allow you to have a name that is unique to only you (just look up "josh"; there's dozens of us!)

Starting today, every user now has a unique username (in addition to your display name)! To claim yours, simply edit your profile and choose something that fits you.


We've got usernames now, so the next logical step is to add mentions! You can now @ your friends in reviews and comments using their new username.

New Episode Notifications

Onto the winners of our poll! A lot of you have asked for new episode notifications, and with this update we've added the first version of this. You can now check out your Upcoming view and ask Marathon to remind you when an episode premieres!

Mark Previous as Watched

Here comes our second poll winner! When you're logging back into Marathon after some time, it can take a while to mark each new episode as watched. You can now tap-and-hold on an episode's checkbox to mark all previous episodes as watched!

...And More!

  • Quick add in search. We're saving you a few taps! You can now quickly add a series or follow a user directly from search.

  • Say hello to Pride. Join us in celebrating Pride with our new denim rainbow patch icon!

  • Better bug reports. You can now submit up to 3 screenshots when reporting a bug or sending in feedback!

  • All filter. We've updated all our filters to include a new "All" option to quickly reset everything.

  • Condensed charts. Our charts used to take up a lot of screen real estate. With this update, we've made them a bit smaller with all the same great functionality.

  • You can also expect a fresh coat of paint on alerts, peformance enhancements, and some bug fixes.