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A Small One

A series of comments on a list. Tobias Fünke writes "This is the best list I've ever seen!" with 2 likes, and Captain Holt replies "Thank you, Tobias!"

Welcome back to The Marathon Show! I'm your host Josh and today we've got a small but mighty update for you. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Like comments

There are now even more ways to show your appreciation for others! Tap the new heart icon on someone's comment to leave them a like and spread the love 💚

Improved notifications

It was about high time that we improved our admittedly clunky notifications screen! We took out our broom and dustpan and cleaned up the space, leaving you with a much simpler view.

We also heard your feedback about marking notifications as read automatically and have sprinkled some magic to make that dream a reality.

Better comments

In the before times (a.k.a. version 2.6 and below), you wouldn't be notified if somebody replied to your comment unless you created the review or list it belonged to.

With this latest update, we're testing out having all users in the comment thread receive notifications when a new reply is added. Let us know what you think by sending us feedback from our in-app settings!

Coming soon...

Why such a small update this week? Well, we're working on something big and this is all in service to that! More to come on that soon 👀

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