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Feedback Week 1

A list of three options: pause watching, stop watching, and remove series. The stop watching option is highlighted, as it is the star feature of this feedback week.

Marathon prides itself on providing transparency into our process and listening to user feedback (we have a form built right into our app!). This week, we decided to take a pause on the bigger features we're working on to focus solely on implementing user feedback. Consider it our first of many Feedback Weeks!

Stop Watching

Back in March, we introduced a new way to filter your Watching screen by marking series as paused. Since then, we received feedback that "paused" doesn't always feel like the right category. You may have given up on the series and don't plan on picking it up again. But you also don't want to lose your progress by removing the series.

To solve this, we added a third option: stop watching. By stopping a series, the series will be moved to a new Stopped filter that you can access anytime from the Watching screen. Plus, all your progress will be saved so you keep credit for trying!

Not Started

In addition to the new Stopped filter, we've added a new Not started filter to the Watching screen! Tapping this will only show the series that you've added but haven't gotten the chance to watch yet.

Remove Avatar

Ever uploaded an avatar to your profile, but then decided you liked our default one better? We've got you covered! To remove your avatar, simply press the X on the image when you next edit your profile.

Signing Up Again

We like to be transparent about our failures and we had quite a big one that went unnoticed for a while! Thanks to some recent feedback, we learned that users who had previously deleted their accounts were greeted with an error when trying to sign up again with the same email address.

We've gone ahead and updated our systems to allow deleted users to re-sign up. If you know anyone who ran into this issue, you can let them know they're in the clear to try Marathon again! And we'll make sure this doesn't happen again 🫡

...And More!

  • Clear search. We've introduced a new quick clear button to your search bar.

  • Season ordering. Some seasons were being displayed out-of-order; we've gone ahead and sorted them correctly!

  • Sign in. We've given our sign-in screen a fresh coat of paint