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The Share Update

A visual changelog for Marathon version 2.2.0.

What better way to mark 2,200+ users than with a 2.2.0 update!

Share to Instagram Stories

Our biggest new feature is a complete overhaul to the share sheet!

Images are now generated for every profile, series, season, episode, and review.

You can share these directly on Instagram Stories, or download them to share on other social media.

Reviews, seasons, and episodes now have direct links so you can share them with external users.

Series updates

We've made some updates to the series screen. You can now browse seasons and episodes separately using our newly designed tabs. We've also added taglines, series status, and genres to the top of the screen.

Appearance settings

You can now customize the app to your liking.

Change the screen your app launches to from Activity to your Up Next feed.

Change progress display from percentage watched to number of episodes left.

Change the default seasons/episodes tab that the series screen opens to.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Trending filters. You can now filter the trending page to see series on services you subscribe to or genres you like!

  • Holo icon. What update is complete without a new icon 😉 introducing, Holo!

  • New episodes in the Up Next screen are now labeled with a green New tag!

  • You can now include web links in your reviews!

  • We've made some tweaks to Up Next to make it clear what it means to pause watching a series. To see all series you've paused, hit the Paused filter on the Up Next screen.

  • We've given the Settings screen a fresh coat of paint!

  • Episode screens now contain the runtime and release date!

  • The edit profile form is now a bit clearer on what it means to go "private."

  • We've made some small changes to how tabs look across the app!